Devry JADM494 Week 5 Discussion (dq1+dq2) latest 2020 January

JADM494 Senior Project II

Week 5 Discussion


Imagine you are an officer on patrol. As you drive by an alley, you see a man holding a woman at gun point and taking her purse. The man sees you and starts running. You stop the car and the chase is on. Your suspect can’t scale the wall and you catch up. You command him to stop and get on the ground, with his legs spread and hands out to his sides. The suspect complies. You safely remove the weapon from the suspect and take him into custody. While walking to the patrol car, the suspects states “I robbed that woman because she looked like she could afford it and I needed the money for my sick child”.

What do you do? You have not read the suspect Miranda warnings. Is this admission of guilt admissible in court? Please explain.


Enter The Investigation: Cold Case and report back on your progress. What progress do you plan on making this week? What are the next steps in your investigation process? Are you experiencing any challenges?