Devry JADM494 Week 6 Discussion (dq1+dq2) latest 2020 January

JADM494 Senior Project II

Week 6 Discussion


You are a judge hearing a motion to suppress evidence obtained from vehicle search.

Facts: The officer conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle after seeing it failing to stop at a stop sign. The driver produced identification, but no license. Upon further investigation, the officer learned that the driver had a suspended license. The officer placed the driver under arrest, conducted a search of the suspect, and secured the driver in the back of his vehicle. The officer then went back to the car and conducted a search of the vehicle. Illegal drugs and weapons were found. As a result of the search, several new charges were filed.

As the judge, how do you rule? Can you cite supporting case law?


Enter The Investigation: Cold Case and report back on your progress. What will the focus on your investigation be this week? Are you experiencing any challenges?